margo-beach-mAbout Margo!

Margo has been working professionally as a healer for over 25 years.  She has current licenses as a Registered nurse and licensed massage therapist in the state of Washington where she was the founder of the popular Healing Water Spa in Soap Lake.

Margo lives with an unwavering belief in the value of her FEEL GOOD Way, a way of being she is creating that teaches herself and others how to make real changes in their lives that are lasting, healing and beneficial. She has a burning need to reach as many people as possible in any way possible to show how fun and easy it is to FEEL GOOD!  Specifically, The FEEL GOOD Way is what she has learned to diminish chronic pain and stress so that it is so much easier to FEEL GOOD!  


She started teaching it to her clients one and one in her work specialising in chronic pain, then it evolved into sit down classes which she taught for years in Tulum Mexico and on the road when visiting the USA.

Her teaching schedule takes her around the US and Central America and she has hundreds of testimonials from her students and clients to support the FEEL GOOD Way’s success.

She has been a Reiki Master level teacher since 1993 and been using and teaching Emotional Freedom Technique for over 15 years.  She is currently working on publishing her first book.

Margo has been a full time resident of the Sian Ka´an and Tulum area of the Riviera Maya for 9 years.  She was initially drawn to this incredible area as a place of great healing where many with that calling are being drawn to work together to bring a real change to the world.


She now resides in Tulum Pueblo and operates a successful massage and spa practice on the world famous Tulum Beach. She has been cultivating a large network of people and resources in the area over the years and is well known as Margo in México on many travel forums.  In her role as ´your friend in Tulum´ she has given advice to thousands of travelers and newcomers to the area. 



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