Earn 6 CEU's for Massage

Earn 6 CEU’s for Massage

The Beauty of  FEEL GOOD Side Lying Massage

Tips and Techniques by Kathi Trantham Aka Margo in Mexico RN, LMP



Many of you may know me as the Founder of Healing Water Spa in Soap Lake Washington. I went to School at the Tri Cities School of Massage in Kennewick, Washington.  I am also a registered nurse, worked many years at McKay Healthcare, Thank goodness I went to massage school!

I still have lots of friends and family in Eastern Washington!

I have been living for the last 10 years in Tulum Mexico where I have given massages to thousands of people from all over the world. In a Google search, you will find that I have the best reputation in a spa town. Click here for Massage Testimonials. I get 100% of my massages through this word of mouth on the internet.  I do ZERO self promotion of my massage business here, yet this is how I pay my bills!


What my clients say over and over is this:“ I have never had a massage like yours before”


I would love to show you what it is that I do that others don’t do.


I don’t plan to show you how to do massage….you already know that or you wouldn’t be thinking to take my class. What I want to show you is a routine that will really change your style of massage, and save your body!  The main reason I started doing each of these things, was to solve strain issues on my own body as I gave massage.  And thankfully, each of these things added more effectiveness and enjoyment for my clients.


A BIG part of what I have learned that I want to teach you is how to !!!!!!!!!!!LOWER YOUR STRESS!!!!!!!!



By showing you how easy it is to lower your own stress, it becomes more obvious how to do it for your clients!  These simple things you can do while you walk around in your life, AND for your clients will really change your LIFE!

  •            In this Class you will learn:

    • Tricks to lower YOUR stress!

    • Minimize stress on YOUR body

    • Make YOUR work easier

    • Thoroughly relax your client

    • Get deeper without tensing clients

    • See into where you are working better

    • Keep clients more comfortable

    • Minimize discomfort of Sinus issues

    • Effective pregnancy massage

    • It’s Fun and Easy to FEEL GOOD!

    • It just makes SENSE!


Added bonus!

6 massage CEU’s for the State of Washington!



Saturday August 13

9am to 4pm

$75 for 6 CEU’s!

CloudView Kitchen and Event Center

Contact Margo: For More Info

See you in Soap Lake!





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